Waxing Services Pricing

waxing services Solar Nail Salon Westport Kansas City
Leg waxing, eyebrow wax, arm waxing, back waxing, bikini waxing, brazilian waxing provided by Solar Nails Westport near the Plaza Kansas City © Brey Owen

We provide waxing services for Men and Women:

Full face: $36.00

male waxing keep it fresh and smoothe for the ladies
Full face wax gets rid of those baby hairs on her face, makeup will go on flawlessly
© Brey Owen

Eyebrows: $10.00

tame and shape the eye to your style
eye brow wax Solar Nails Westport Kansas City
Eyebrow waxing tightens up the shape and appearance of the eye make a statement
© Brey Owen

Lips: $5.00

mustache and lip waxing for women
Lip and under nose waxing © Brey Owen

Chin: $10.00

chin waxing service to leave flawless skin and get rid of the baby hairs
Most women don’t even know they have little hair sticking out on their chin…just think smooth skin © Brey Owen

Full neck: $17.00

full neck waxing for smoother healthier skin
Neck waxing helps clean up the neck line keep it crisp © Brey Owen

Arm pits: $20.00

Shaving takes too long and what if you could go 2 weeks without underarm hair
armpit waxing to remove unwanted hair by solarnails in westport kansas city brey owen
No more raw under arms when you get done running © Brey Owen

Full arms: $39.00 +

People with this dark Hair typically enjoy the smooth touch and no bleaching necessary
Spring and summer dress season is coming make sure those dark hairs don’t deter your guy
© Brey Owen

Forearms: $25.00 +

Waxing FOREARMS is quick and NOTICEABLE
Forearm waxing fast and easy for smother arms © Brey Owen

Lower legs: $35.00

Wax below the knees lower legs when done right is quick and so smooth
Spring is here and we are breaking out the sandals and sundresses © Brey Owen

Upper legs: $32.00

Thighs and quads need attention to avoid ingrown hairs during Pants season
Upper thigh and inner thigh leg waxing © Brey Owen

Bikini lines: $35.00 +

Bikini time is coming it’s much easier to go to the beach with no worries
Bikini waxing in Kansas City at Solar Nails Westport © Brey Owen

Brazilian+bikini :$65.00 +

For the areas you don’t even know you have hair
Brazilian bikini wax makes sure no hair gets missed © Brey Owen


Full arms: $42.00 +

Mens full arm waxing quick & easy for showing off your CUT muscles
Show of those cut muscles by getting rid of the hair that hides them

Full legs: $77.00 +

Men’s full leg waxing quick and easy cut those calves up
How to get him to stop leaving hair all over the shower and he looks so much better

Back: $55.00 +

Wax back for men to feel more confident with the lights on
Back hair removal safe and efficiently done at Solar Nails in Westport © Brey Owen

Chest: $39.00 +

Chest Hair Removal for Men shows of the pec muscles better
Chest hair removal is a must when you are having fun in the sun right girls

Back and chest: $75.00 +

MEN Back & Chest hair removal is always necessary Especially wearing tanks tops or going topless
waxing services for men Solar Nails Westport Kansas City
Men waxing and hair removal services provided by Solar Nails Westport near the plaza Kansas City
© Brey Owen

Chest and stomach: $65.00 +

Summer is on the way Show her how hard you have been working out!
Show off those abs and all that hard work full body wax © Brey Owen

**please note that this is just the base price, if more need to be treated the price may be different **